How does it work ?


1. Discover what you can do

Choose your destination and browse the different activities available. No stress! We always give you the total time needed between your two flights.


2. Book your tour

Share all the needed information with us: Nationality (to check if you need a visa), Flight Numbers (to build the perfect itinerary) and an Emergency Contact. Get ready to discover your customized experience.


3. Enjoy your layover

Spend your layover discovering a new destination, we'll make sure you make it to your next flight. We'll do the worrying, you'll do the wandering!

Who We Are


Emmanuel came up with the idea of layover tours as he was stuck during a 8 hours stopover in Warsaw. Being a frequent flyer who’s always on the lookout for the cheapest tickets, he doesn’t mind spending 6 hours or more in airport stopovers, provided he’s able to go explore the nearest town! The establishment of TripAside expanded his idea of offering a simple and original way of enriching the experience of travelling.

Favorite layover: Budapest, between Paris and Tel-Aviv, for a Strudel Break on Szabadsag street.


Being an engineer by trade, Anna is willing to try anything when she travels as long as it’s safe! She designed our travel assistance system, came up with the idea of a personal welcome at the airport, as well as the idea of sending text alerts. When she’s travelling, she prefers focusing on a few experiences rather than trying to see everything, and likes making the most of her trip!

Favorite Layover: Lisbon, between Paris and French Caribbean island, for the old tram route

The work we do

Safety : We know that a traveler’s priority is to make it back to the airport in time for their next connection. We make every effort to provide you with all the tools and information you need to ensure that you will be on time and preserve your peace of mind during the layover.

Experience : We do not sell package tours of the town. We do not like tours that happen from the inside of a bus, where all you can do is take an avalanche of pictures of the town, without really seeing it. Instead, we offer walking tours in the most famous locations that allow you, the busy traveler, to experience the very best of a city in a limited time.

Also, we’re very proud to have been awarded the 2014 Tremplins Voyage Privé for Travel Start-up!