How does it work ?


1. Discover what you can do

Choose your destination and browse the different activities available. No stress! We always give you the total time needed between your two flights.


2. Book your tour

Share all the needed information with us: Nationality (to check if you need a visa), Flight Numbers (to build the perfect itinerary) and an Emergency Contact. Get ready to discover your customized experience.


3. Enjoy your layover

Spend your layover discovering a new destination, we'll make sure you make it to your next flight. We'll do the worrying, you'll do the wandering!

Meet The Team

(or we can also meet during your next layover!)


Emmanuel Rozenblum, CEO

Emmanuel is the founder of TripAside, he came up with the idea as he was stuck during a 8 hour stopover in Warsaw. He wanted to offer a simple and original way to enrich the experience of travelling.

What's Emmanuel's favorite holiday spot? Avignon in the south of France, that’s well known for its amazing festivals that take place every summer in July.


Anna Veyrenc, COO

Anna is willing to try anything when she travels as long as it’s safe! But she simply loves it. She designed our traveler's assistance system and came up with the idea of a personal welcome at the airport.
What is Anna's favorite Layover destination? Lisbon, she simply loved the old tram route

David Chriqui, CTO

David is our wonderful developper. Without him, nothing would have been possible. Thanks David, we owe you everything. 

Also, David threatens to put the whole site down if we didn't write that!